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Taking back our inheritance   Psa 2:8

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Souls saved in 3rd world nation … outside US Ministry

The year started out slowly and then to our surprise a nation where being a Christian is punishable by death contacted one of our Pastors who is teaching and preaching weekly on Sonday. This Christian couple living in this nation asked if they could download videos and take them into villages as they also preached the Word of the Lord. Of course, they were told yes, so armed with the Word, and teaching videos, they began to have meetings in remote villages. Of course they had an interpreter with the videos. This started in early February and todate over 2,000 in this moslem nation have given their lives to Christ. They are being born again, delivered from witchcraft and filled with God’s precious Holy Spirit. They are now asking for Bibles in their local language. We are rejoicing that God could use us, yet in one more outreach of reaching the earth for His glory alone.

Souls saved in backyard – inside US Ministry has been feeding our local community (partnered with the local Food Bank) for the past five years. For the first time in April, we had a rockin’ outreach. We set up a stage and sound system, we invited four local evangelist and a local Christian rock band, and as we were reaching out to feed our neighbors, many came for prayer, Bibles, books, and SIX new babies were born into God’s Kingdom. Again, we give God all the glory, honor and praise and especially thanks.

For five and a half years, Sonday International, along with local churches and businesses, has been feeding over 1,000 families per month. By partnering with others we are making an impact on our community. Staffed with wonderful volunteers, packed with cars and lines of families in need, a prayer table staffed by local pastors, the fourth Saturday of every month begins with a circle of prayer, giving God all the glory and thanks for His provision. Not only are we feeding our neighbors, we also are offering free literature, donated by the church. Sonday has given thousands of Bibles and books away, prayed for folks to receive Jesus as Lord, seen neighbors delivered from oppression and healed of illness. There is a wonderful Christian clown minister, who creates balloon art for all the children. We also offer literature on low cost State insurance, free immunizations and other services available to those in need. Our prayer table is staffed by ordained ministers at every outreach, ready and waiting to go fishing for men. At Sonday we know a life is transformed from the inside out. And one transformed life can lead to a fruit bearing life, that can then reach the hand of help out to others – eventually changing an entire community. . To find out more please email


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