Thought for the Day

TFTD 6/22

Called to be an apostle … Romans 1:1

There is a tendency for people to think everyone should have their calling. If I’m called to be a missionary – everyone should be a missionary; if I’m called to be a teacher – everyone should be a teacher. Not true. That’s not how the Body of Christ works. The Lord calls each of us uniquely, personally and individually. Isaac dug a well in order to water his flocks, but the inhabitants of the land challenged his right to be there. So he called the well “Esech” or “Contention;” he moved down the road, dug another well and struck water once again. A second time the inhabitants came out and said, “This is our territory. Get out of here.” So Isaac named the well “Sitna” or “Hatred” and went down the road further. He dug a third well and this time no one bothered him so he called it “Rehoboth” or “There’s room for me.” If you’re a carpet layer, secretary, house builder, trucker, executive, etc., you are doing what you do for the Lord. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve missed the Lord because you’re not called to their particular ministry. Be like Isaac. He had the job of watering sheep. He didn’t agonize over it. He didn’t complain. He just tended to what was at hand and he ended up in Rehoboth. That’s the key. Do what’s before you. God has a Rehoboth for every one of us. Don’t give up on seeking yours.





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